The FAQs will clarify some of the questions that arise from ranking watch makers.  Undoubtedly some will be surprised and some disappointed to see their watch ranked lower than where they thought it would be.  On to some of the questions:

First of all a movement is referred to a watch’s motor that makes it function (gears, springs, circuitry, etc).  An in-house movement is defined as a movement that is built by the same brand that sells it as opposed to using an external 3rd party movement.   It is also worth mentioning that using an in-house movement is generally desirable over using 3rd party movements because it strengthens the brand’s sophistication and capabilities.

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Watch-Rankings.com analyzes the watch brands by researching the brand’s website, history, heritage and product catalog.  We research industry journals and blogs, consider where the watches are sold, read reviews and feedback on websites like Amazon or various internet boards.

We also factor in resale value on eBay or Chrono24. We take note of brands that attend and produce innovations at watch shows such as Baselworld.

We rank on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Typical price point
  • Quality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Brand heritage
  • Innovation
  • Exclusivity
  • Materials
  • Serviceability

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As our watch ranking indicates Patek Philippe is in a whole different category when compared to Rolex.  While Rolex is the most well known watch brand in the world, Patek Philippe is at a whole different level of sophistication and class.


Rolex is great because it makes everything in its watches in-house and at the highest level of quality.  They achieved remarkable quality levels even though they mass produce watches.  They build a great product and were very successful to market their brand name worldwide.


Patek Philippe also makes its parts in-house, but they go the above and beyond.  Patek Philippe’s watches are much more refined in terms of detail in the movement and in complications.


For example they polish every part in their movement whether it is visible or not.  Also, they’ve kept records of every watch they made and as a result are the only manufacturer who can restore any of thir watches – even those dating as far back as 1839.  With a Patek Philippe you know you’re getting the finest possible craftsmanship.


While everyone in the world knows about Rolex only those with some horological knowledge know about Patek Philippe.



  • If you look at the website, yes, but try actually buying the model you want. Unless you’re, like, the Pope or something, good luck.

  • If you want a rare model yes, you need to be loaded and special. But, Patek makes a lot of models and for the most part if you have $50K you can buy one on Amazon.com or other online retailers. Most people won’t know a) what a Patek is and b) how much it cost and c) not know if it cost $50K or $500K.

    • My favorite. I would buy one but, unfortunately, im poor. If someone who is filthy rich could find it in their heart to bless me with one I would graciously accept and be most appreciative.

  • I personally would rather buy the Patek Philippe over the Rolex. Why? Well, first, everyone and their brother has a Rolex, especially where I live. Those in the know will recognize what I’m wearing and quite honestly, I’m wearing it to please myself, I couldn’t care less about what others think. Buy what makes YOU happy, life is too short to worry about what others will approve of.

    • Why do you want a Patek over a Rolex again? Read your answer & you’ll see that you care about what others think, like most people.

  • I own a patek Philippe watch that I was presented when I lived in Saudi Arabia in 1978.
    I need to know its value today. Who should I ask for it’s model and serial number. It is a mechanical watch with a moon phase. I live in Canada.

  • Patek IS in the Ultra luxury Category. Some of their watches sell for millions. There is nothing more refined than a Patek Philippe.

    • While we agree that Patek Philippe is probably the best watch brand in the world making refined quality time pieces second to no other manufacturer, the brand does not get awarded the Ultra Luxury 5 Star ranking due to the number of watches that they make. In other words, it’s due to the lack of exclusivity.

      Specifically, visiting https://www.patek.com/ and clicking “Collections” you will find that there are 9 which is not a lot but factoring in the Models under each collection you’ll find that there are a total of 173 Models. That’s a lot.

      If you were to spend $500K on a watch, how “special” or “exclusive” would you feel if presented with this catalog? https://www.patek.com/en/collection/all-models (keep scrolling down what seems to be a never-ending page)

      Compare that experience with a catalog like a Bexei watch (http://www.bexei.hu/) or a R. W. Smith (http://www.rwsmithwatches.com/watches/ where they only make a few timepieces per year.

      One has to know about what is a quality horological timepiece and be able to both afford the cost of an Ultra Luxury watch and value exclusivity in order to buy an Ultra Luxury watch.

      Put another way, at a social engagement an Ultra Luxury watch will stand out from among the Patek Phlippes that others may wear. Chances are that there won’t be another watch like yours. And for the statistically remote chance that there is another, you’ll both be top dogs and everyone else will not.

      Hope this explanation helps.

  • Justice Roberts wore one, while he was at Trump Impeachment hearings at the US Senate. Any details? He is a public figure.

  • I found Patek Phillipe Geneve in an old small wooden box. I went to your website but could not find a price on it. It was given to me as a gift by my husband in about 2010 or early 2011. Could anyone tell me what it might be worth? I plan on keeping the watch. In fact I am wearing it right now.

    • I recommend you do some research for the exact model. Depending on how rare it is it may be difficult to estimate it. If the watch is genuine you should contact Patek Phillipe to register the watch. Patek Phillipe is the only brand that keeps owner records. It has services that other brands don’t. Enjoy your quest. Post back what you find.

  • Many watches get stolen.sophisticatoon is a state of mind.wearing designer clothes doesn’t make you sophisticated.even lifeless dummies in the window wear designer clothes.I dated an Italian women many years ago.alone,aloof, unparalleled.she had many Patel Phillip timepieces which I never noticed until she told me it makes her feel like a lady.so if it makes you feel your best and it’s already a cut above the rest then wear with pride that’s sophistication.Going everywear pompous,and telling everyone that your a lady means your not?some things in life are just so refined but not all people pecieve them .Patek phillipe is unequivocally a master piece of design ..better to buy old masters they fetch much better than old mistresses!

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    While Patek Philippe has some of the most expensive watches in the world the brand fails in the exclusivity category.  Even though Patek Philippe has some of the most, perhaps the most rare, distinguished and desirable time pieces they also mass-manufacture many time pieces which knocks them one level below makers that have full lines of rare watches

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