What is an In-House movement?

First of all a movement is referred to a watch’s motor that makes it function (gears, springs, circuitry, etc).  An in-house movement is defined as a movement that is built by the same brand that sells it as opposed to using an external 3rd party movement.   It is also worth mentioning that using an in-house Read More

Why is Patek Philippe better than Rolex?

As our watch ranking indicates Patek Philippe is in a whole different category when compared to Rolex.  While Rolex is the most well known watch brand in the world, Patek Philippe is at a whole different level of sophistication and class.   Rolex is great because it makes everything in its watches in-house and at Read More

Why is Patek Philippe NOT in the Ultra-level Luxury category?

While Patek Philippe has some of the most expensive watches in the world the brand fails in the exclusivity category.  Even though Patek Philippe has some of the most, perhaps the most rare, distinguished and desirable time pieces they also mass-manufacture many time pieces which knocks them one level below makers that have full lines Read More