Why is Patek Philippe better than Rolex?

As our watch ranking indicates Patek Philippe is in a whole different category when compared to Rolex.  While Rolex is the most well known watch brand in the world, Patek Philippe is at a whole different level of sophistication and class.


Rolex is great because it makes everything in its watches in-house and at the highest level of quality.  They achieved remarkable quality levels even though they mass produce watches.  They build a great product and were very successful to market their brand name worldwide.


Patek Philippe also makes its parts in-house, but they go the above and beyond.  Patek Philippe’s watches are much more refined in terms of detail in the movement and in complications.


For example they polish every part in their movement whether it is visible or not.  Also, they’ve kept records of every watch they made and as a result are the only manufacturer who can restore any of thir watches – even those dating as far back as 1839.  With a Patek Philippe you know you’re getting the finest possible craftsmanship.


While everyone in the world knows about Rolex only those with some horological knowledge know about Patek Philippe.



27 thoughts on “Why is Patek Philippe better than Rolex?

  1. Matthew Burden says:

    I do not understand what you are trying to point out. A Patek was made for the person to wear so to know the time by a nearly flawless mechanical mechanism. All this vain talk about Luxury and here Ultra Luxury only cheapens the watch and insults the watchmaker who made it. A Patek as well as a Breguet, Rolex, Seiko, and Timex are horological time pieces to be respected as such – nothing more except if you need something for a purpose such as the Rolex Explorer or Submariner/Seadweller, etc. In 1978 my $550.00 Rolex DATE (some call entry-level Rolex) together with a brass sextant, without flaw, aided in my navigation under sail across the North Atlantic from Cape May to Den Helder and I admit the Submariner would have been a better choice due to wrist band security and crown protection. But the DATE 15000 chronometer inside her oyster case did the job which has been serviced only once in 1990 by Robert Mills in Philadelphia and still keeps under two seconds – slow per day nearly fully would. Yes, I have a collection of Rolex’s as well as the Patek Calatrava’s and a Breguet that are necessary to a collection that I hardly consider luxury.

  2. Wade. says:

    Many watches get stolen.sophisticatoon is a state of mind.wearing designer clothes doesn’t make you sophisticated.even lifeless dummies in the window wear designer clothes.I dated an Italian women many years ago.alone,aloof, unparalleled.she had many Patel Phillip timepieces which I never noticed until she told me it makes her feel like a lady.so if it makes you feel your best and it’s already a cut above the rest then wear with pride that’s sophistication.Going everywear pompous,and telling everyone that your a lady means your not?some things in life are just so refined but not all people pecieve them .Patek phillipe is unequivocally a master piece of design ..better to buy old masters they fetch much better than old mistresses!

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