The Rankings

The following list contains over 360 watch brands ranked in a pecking order hierarchy from Entry level to Ultra Luxury based on their typical price point, quality and exclusivity delineating between Swiss and non-Swiss brands:

CategoryLuxury StarsTypical Price Point
Ultra Luxury Watches5 Stars>$40,000
High-End Luxury Watches4 Stars$10,000 - $40,000
Luxury Watches$5,000 - $10,000
Basic Luxury Watches$1,500 - $5,000
Entry Luxury Watches1 Star$500-$1,500
Watches< $500 

See our FAQs on why certain watch brands are placed in a particular category.  If a watch brand does not have a hyperlink it is because the brand is not in business anymore.  In addition, watch brands that stand out within their respective category are decorated by the red heart symbol:

Last updated July 12, 2020 - view the change log here and if the watch brand you're looking for is not ranked then check the rankings in progress here.

Ultra Luxury Watches Attributes:

  • > $40,000
  • Superb Heritage/Pedigree
  • Exclusivity (Limited Quantities)
  • May not have the best resale value
  • Small niche boutiques (Independents)
  • Impeccable Handmade Craftsmanship
  • Brand recognition in horology circles
  • Complex Automatic In-House Movements
  • Precious Metals and Stones
  • Sapphire Crystal

High-End Luxury Watches Attributes

  •  $10,000 - $40,000
  • Superb Heritage/Pedigree
  • High resale values
  • High Quantities (on most pieces)
  • May have famous very expensive rare pieces
  • Brand recognition by greater public
  • Complex Quality Automatic Movements, most In-House
  • Impeccable Craftsmanship, often Handmade
  • Precious Metals and Stones
  • Sapphire Crystal

Luxury Watches (Swiss) 3 Stars

Luxury Watches (Other countries) 
3 Stars

Luxury Watches Attributes

  • $5,000 - $10,000
  • Respected Heritage/Pedigree
  • High resale values
  • Mass Production, some rare pieces
  • Quality Automatic Movements, some In-House
  • Great Craftsmanship
  • Some Precious Metals and Stones
  • Sapphire Crystal

Basic Luxury Watches (Swiss) 2 Stars

Basic Luxury Watches (Other countries) 2 Stars

Entry Luxury Watches (Swiss) 1 Star

Entry Luxury Watches (Other countries) 1 Star

 Watches (Swiss) 0 Stars

Watches (Other countries) 0 Stars

New: View the ranking list change log here.

Why is your watch brand not here?  First check if the ranking analysis for the watch you're looking for is currently in progress here.  If it's not there, well, we may have missed it.  Tell us in the comments where it should be ranked at on the list.  OS

401 thoughts on “The Rankings

  1. Frankó Kálmán Tibor says:

    I’m a true fan of this site for sure, but I’m still confused of seeing Universal Genéve in the two star league even without the distinctive heart sign. I am aware that the brand got a different character since the change of ownership in the 1980s, but with respect to the old halo of this legendary brand in the place of the editor of watch-rankings I would definitely consider ranking separately the pre- and post-80s Universal Genéve like in the case of Wittnauer, Nivada etc.

    • Admin says:

      Franko, agreed. Separated Universal Genève into two categories, first is “3 star Luxury category $5,000 – $10,000” for the period before 1989 and  since 1989 into the “2 star Basic Luxury Watches Other Countries category $1,500 – $5,000 ” (Hong Kong)(origins: Switzerland) (Stelux Holdings International, Ltd.)

    • Admin says:

      Added Ketelaars (Netherlands)  (Red Heart) to the 2 star Basic Luxury Watches Other Countries category $1,500 – $5,000
      Added Xeric (USA)( to the Watches Other Countries category <$500 Loved Ketelaars. Thanks

    • Admin says:

      Couldn’t find too much info on Flica. Appears to have been a Swiss brand that does not operate anymore. As for value, well if it’s gold with rubies then you have that going for it and that it’s a vintage watch. There is a market for those.

  2. Vinny says:

    wondering what is the basis of “heart” stand out category ?
    Casio ( Japan) especially the sports version
    HMT ( India)
    Titan ( India)
    produce excellent watches , long lasting with little or no maintenance
    sometimes lasting generations.

    • Admin says:

      The heart standout is our way to indicate that the brand is a “good” one within its category and related to its peers. For example, Casio, HMT and Titan don’t get that designation in the Watches category when compared to Orient or Seiko who have it because the latter frequently use their own in-house movements which seem to perform very well.

  3. Lyubomir says:

    What about the brand “Wainer”? I don’t find them in the ranking list. Can somebody tell me what is this brand? I heard they are Swiss but I could find only 1-2 videos on YouTube.

    • Admin says:

      After 25 years experience in watch industry the Turkish based Arikan Group launched a new Swiss made brand with it’s passion of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship in 2010. Arikan group’s main aim was Swiss made watch could be affordable.

      Wainer meets with watch enthusiastics at 35 countries and 700 sales points although according to their store finder the stores are in Turkey

      The brand’s website is Since the watches appear to be Swiss Made using Swiss Movements with Sapphire Crystals the placement will be in the 1 star Entry Luxury Watches Other Countries category $500 – $1,500.

    • Andrei says:

      This website lists the company under the country of current ownership while showing the origins in parenthesis. The company Cyna is currently owned by Stelux International, Ltd. a Hong Kong-based holdings firm. As for Cyna while its headquarters appear to be in Switzerland it does appear that its target market is Asia. It is presenting itself as a strong Swiss brand which is, well, interesting.

  4. Evette meni says:

    Hi, I’m looking at buying a vintage 1950s watch with “progress” imprint on the face. Can’t find any info on this brand( if I can call it that) and am wondering if you’ve heard anything about it. Thank you so much

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