eBay Introduces Free “Authenticity Guarantee” On All Watches Sold for $2,000 or More in the US

eBay Authenticity Guarantee

eBay’s introduced a new free "Authenticity Guarantee" service on all post-sale watches sold for $2,000 or more in the U.S..  The service is designed to help buyers shop with confidence adding an unparalleled level of assurance in the marketplace at this scale.  eBay has sold over 2 million watches in 2019 and there are over 165,000 daily live listings on average for luxury watches.  Rolex accounts for 40% of luxury watch sales on eBay.

Authenticity Guarantee - How it Works
Listings covered by the Authenticity Guarantee carry theeBay Authenticity Guaranteebadge.  After the watch sells with a price of $2,000 or more it  will be shipped to eBay’s partner third-party authenticator..  The authenticator will perform a multi-point inspection on the item, and send to the buyer via insured, expedited shipping.   The buyer will receive an authenticity report card that verifies the product and can be used to further boost future resale value.   More information on the process can be found here: https://ebay.com/buyauthentic .

Luxury watch enthusiasts can find on eBay brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Breitling and Panerai.  Coupled with competitive pricing and no buyer fees, shoppers can find the exact watch they’re looking for at the price they want.

The multi-point Inspection and Authentication Card:
Upon receiving the watch, the independent authenticator confirms the item is consistent with the listing title, description, and images, then performs a multi-point physical inspection focusing on assessment of the crown, bezel, dial, case, clasp/buckle, hands, end links and serial number.  Finally, a security tag is attached to the watch.

All watches verified as authentic come with an Authenticity Guarantee card detailing information such as the brand, model, reference number, movement type, case material, bracelet type, and serial number, as applicable.

Trusted Third-Party Authentication Partners:
eBay has partnered with leading industry experts whose services and capabilities have been thoroughly vetted. The independent authentication partners are leaders in their industry, brand certified watchmakers and technicians with years of experience using advanced technical equipment in a state-of-the-art facility.

Enhanced Seller Protections:
eBay continuously adds more protections for its community of sellers. With this new service, not only is the marketplace attracting more buyers for the seller community, but with intermediated returns, with the additional step of third-party experts physically verifying each item during the return process, sellers can sell with confidence with peace of mind that in the case their watch is returned, it will arrive back in the same condition.

eBay Luxury Watches Fake Fraud Doubt Get Authenticated

Reduced Seller Fees:
Beginning Sept. 9, eBay also introduced a reduction in seller fees for certain sellers in luxury watches, boosting its wide selection of luxury watches and fine timepieces for the marketplace’s millions of shoppers.  For sellers who are active in managed payments, the marketplace lowered final value fees in the Watches category for watches sold over $1,000. Managed payment sellers can save up to 35% in final value fees as compared to the final value fees they previously paid.
Sellers who sign-up for managed payments, but are not yet active, qualify for a 30% discount on final value fees on watches sold over $2,000. The reduction applies to auction and fixed price listings on the U.S. site.

From the casual watch enthusiast to the avid timepiece collector, buyers and sellers can shop and sell with confidence. For more information on Authenticity Guarantee, visit www.eBay.com/buyauthentic and www.eBay.com/sellauthentic. To shop luxury watches, check out www.eBay.com/luxurywatches and follow @eBay on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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